Abbey — adopted

Posted by admin - 12/12/11 at 01:12 pm

Abbey is a shy, 2 year old female Dalmatian. She spent most of her life in her crate, which is where she feels safe. She’s had a few homes in her short life, but she has adapted well to life in her foster home. She is happy to come out of her crate and be with people for attention.

Abbey is tolerant of dogs in public settings, but is less tolerant indoors. She is also not comfortable around small children, but we think she would be fine with children 8 and older. She has only had one brief introduction to a cat, which she immediately chased. She is a bright girl and eager to please, so she could probably be trained to leave them alone.

When given the opportunity to get out in the open, Abbey loves to run. A home with a large, fenced back yard, or a person who would run with her, would be ideal.

Abbey is currently in Olympia. If you would like to meet her, please fill out an adoption inquiry.

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