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Chela — Adopted

10th March 2018 by admin Comments Off on Chela — Adopted

Chela is a 4 year old, spayed female Dalmatian.  She is a nervous girl, who has trouble trusting people and other dogs.  She will do best as an only pet, in a home with one or two people, and few visitors.  She needs a home where she will not be around children. To arrange a […]

Zeus — adopted

13th May 2017 by admin Comments Off on Zeus — adopted

Zeus celebrated his first birthday on March 31.  He was the perfect family pet, and very much loved.  However, life sometimes moves in unexpected directions, and to the sadness of all, Zeus is in need of a home where he won’t interact with small children.  He sits on command, and takes treats very gently.  His […]

Baron — adopted

30th April 2017 by admin Comments Off on Baron — adopted

Baron is a shy, 4 year old male Dalmatian.  He is very social and playful with other dogs, but timid around humans, and uncomfortable around children.  He was recently separated from a bonded litter mate, and would prefer a home with another playful dog as a companion.  He is a healthy, active young Dalmatian, and […]


16th November 2016 by admin Comments Off on Justin

Justin is a sweet, gentle boy.  He is a bit shy at first, and may bark at strangers when nervous.  Once he realizes you aren’t going to hurt him, he is full of love and tail wagging joy.  Justin is about 6 years old.  He is deaf, but seems to hear some high pitched noise.  […]

Chyna — adopted

13th September 2016 by admin Comments Off on Chyna — adopted

Chyna is returning to rescue 6 years after being adopted, due to the death of her adopter.  She was very bonded to him, and is confused about why she is now living with strangers.  She is very sweet and willing to let us comfort her with lots of pets and belly rubs.  She hasn’t felt […]


25th August 2016 by admin Comments Off on Sarge

Sarge is an 8 year old male Dalmatian.  He a happy, friendly guy who loves to run.  He gets along well with female dogs, but does not do well with males.  He is good in the house, and knows how to use a dog door. Sarge is currently in eastern Washington.  If you would like […]


4th June 2016 by admin Comments Off on Ichiro

Ichiro is a beautiful, but troubled young male.  He has a history of biting family members, and injuring small dogs in his home.   He can be resource protective, and reactive to the point where he can’t safely be handled.  However, under the right conditions, he can relax a bit, and become a charming companion.   The […]


19th March 2016 by admin Comments Off on Chance

Chance is an 1.5 to 2 year old male Dalmatian/shepherd mix.  He loves people, and like most Dalmatian types, just wants to be with them and getting attention.  When not with his people, Chance stays in his crate.  He enjoys pizza, so if you leave one on the counter, you might want to keep an […]

Wyatt — adopted

11th January 2016 by admin Comments Off on Wyatt — adopted

Handsome Wyatt is a liver gentleman of 7.5 years.  Like most Dalmatians, he bonds to his people and wants to be with them as much as possible.  He is a good sport about waiting in his crate while they aren’t home, but it has reached the point where they are rarely home, and it isn’t […]

Blaze — adopted

16th November 2015 by admin Comments Off on Blaze — adopted

Blaze is a sweet senior citizen, who hasn’t slowed down much.  He is 12 years old, and keeping up nicely with the younger dogs in his foster home.  He gets along well with dogs and people.  We are told he also gets along with cats.  Blaze enjoys running around, but he also enjoys a nice […]