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Pecas — adopted

11th October 2015 by admin Comments Off on Pecas — adopted

Pecas is a sweet, older gal looking for a warm bed. She’s been losing weight and gaining energy but has a few pounds to go. She’s been living with other dogs of all ages and a cat and two kittens. Her motherly instincts sends her after the kittens as they wander the house. She LOVES […]

Tex (aka Pongo, aka Oscar Wilde) — adopted

2nd September 2015 by admin Comments Off on Tex (aka Pongo, aka Oscar Wilde) — adopted

Like many of our Dalmatians, Tex arrived from the shelter with the name “Pongo”. He came from Texas, and he is a rather large fellow, so Tex is the name we are using to distinguish him from the other Pongos. He is a young guy who is agile enough to climb over a 6 foot […]

Della — adopted

24th July 2015 by admin Comments Off on Della — adopted

Della is a lovely lady who came to us from rural California.  We don’t know her age but it is in 2-5 range.  She has some tartar forming on her teeth, and a bit of a callous on one elbow.  Those are the only signs of age.  She has been calm and quiet since arriving, […]

Brody — adopted

11th July 2015 by admin Comments Off on Brody — adopted

Brody is lasted as a courtesy to his owner. At this time, only homes in the greater Portland area are under consideration. Thank you. Meet Brody, an energetic 2 year old, neutered male Dalmatian. Brody recently relocated to Oregon with his lifetime person. They are sharing a small apartment with other people, and a cat. […]

Kayla — adopted

9th June 2015 by admin Comments Off on Kayla — adopted

My name is Kayla.  I am not a Dalmatian, but I am black and white, and very cute and cuddly.  I am about a year old. I may be fully grown on the outside, but I am still a puppy on the inside.  I want everyone to like me, and I am sad when they […]

Gilligan — adopted

20th May 2015 by admin Comments Off on Gilligan — adopted

Hi, my name is Gilligan. I am about 5 or 6 months old. I came from a place called Delano. I was lost for a while, before a nice animal control officer found me and took me to the shelter. I was there for a while. Then one day I went for a really long […]

Baby Cakes — adopted

17th May 2015 by admin Comments Off on Baby Cakes — adopted

Hello, my name is Baby Cakes. I was born with ears that do not hear much, but they are so cute, I am able to use them to get my way. I am probably not a Dalmatian, but I am white with black spots and patches. My legs are a bit short for my long […]

Toby — Adopted

9th December 2014 by admin Comments Off on Toby — Adopted

Despite his movie star good looks, Toby is a shy, and rather timid fellow.  He loves to play with other dogs, and is fine with cats.  He has lived with children, and may find energetic or noisy children overwhelming.  He would probably be happier in an adult home, but won’t mind if little ones come […]

Oliver — adopted

28th November 2014 by admin Comments Off on Oliver — adopted

Oliver is a 2 – 3 year old male Dalmatian.  He came to us from California, where he had been surrendered to a shelter, adopted, and then surrendered again.  He had a huge mass which we thought was a hernia, but was actually a tumor.  Once removed, his personality began to come out.  We think […]

Jasmine — adopted

7th November 2014 by admin Comments Off on Jasmine — adopted

  Jasmine is a very sweet senior lady.  She came to us in pretty poor shape.  The shelter thought she was a hospice case.  A trip to the vet showed no major issues.  She is deaf, most likely from chronic, untreated ear infections.  She has gained some weight and her coat is looking lovely.  We […]