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Baby Cakes — adopted

17th May 2015 by admin Comments Off on Baby Cakes — adopted

Hello, my name is Baby Cakes. I was born with ears that do not hear much, but they are so cute, I am able to use them to get my way. I am probably not a Dalmatian, but I am white with black spots and patches. My legs are a bit short for my long […]

Toby — Adopted

9th December 2014 by admin Comments Off on Toby — Adopted

Despite his movie star good looks, Toby is a shy, and rather timid fellow.  He loves to play with other dogs, and is fine with cats.  He has lived with children, and may find energetic or noisy children overwhelming.  He would probably be happier in an adult home, but won’t mind if little ones come […]

Oliver — adopted

28th November 2014 by admin Comments Off on Oliver — adopted

Oliver is a 2 – 3 year old male Dalmatian.  He came to us from California, where he had been surrendered to a shelter, adopted, and then surrendered again.  He had a huge mass which we thought was a hernia, but was actually a tumor.  Once removed, his personality began to come out.  We think […]

Jasmine — adopted

7th November 2014 by admin Comments Off on Jasmine — adopted

  Jasmine is a very sweet senior lady.  She came to us in pretty poor shape.  The shelter thought she was a hospice case.  A trip to the vet showed no major issues.  She is deaf, most likely from chronic, untreated ear infections.  She has gained some weight and her coat is looking lovely.  We […]

Maggie — adopted

6th November 2014 by admin Comments Off on Maggie — adopted

This precious little lady is Maggie. She was found filthy, and in need of veterinary care.  We don’t know her age, but she is definitely a senior.  She has stiffness in her shoulders that keeps her going at a slower pace, but she is still going. Maggie is calm and quiet.  She gets along well […]

Jay — adopted

29th May 2014 by admin Comments Off on Jay — adopted

Jay is a sweet, gentle, somewhat timid 4 year old Dalmatian.  He came to rescue very underweight, after 2 years of digestive problems.  His family surrendered him so we could get him the veterinary care he needed.  At first our vet suspected an obstruction, but the barium series showed nothing.  Jay has regained the lost […]

Niah — adopted

26th May 2014 by admin Comments Off on Niah — adopted

Niah is a petite, 9 year old Dalmatian lady. She loves to sit on laps, and at only 42 pounds, she gets away with it better than most Dalmatians. She is still very spry, and enjoys going for walks, and playing with toys. Like many Dalmatians, Niah is reserved when meeting new people, but if […]

Mama — adopted

18th May 2014 by admin Comments Off on Mama — adopted

Mama was found as a stray in California. She ended up in a kill shelter, but they felt she was a nice girl, and gave her extra time, so she could be rescued. Her journey from the shelter to her foster home in Oregon took a few weeks. When she arrived, her abdomen was suspiciously […]

Billy — adopted

17th April 2014 by admin Comments Off on Billy — adopted

This handsome stranger is Billy.  He came to us from Montana, and seems to feel quite at home in Puget Sound.  He seems to be the kind of guy who is OK, wherever he goes.  He can be a bit growly and possessive at times, but he gets along well with all of the dogs […]

Brownie — adopted

16th April 2014 by admin Comments Off on Brownie — adopted

This sweet face belongs to Brownie, a young Dalmatian who came to rescue in desperate need of surgery.  Although a young boy of only one year, he was already fully blocked with stones. With a lot of help from our wonderful donors, and a fabulous foster, Brownie got the surgery he needed.  His recovery was […]