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30th April 2017 by admin Comments Off on Baron

Baron is a shy, 4 year old male Dalmatian.  He is very social and playful with other dogs, but timid around humans, and uncomfortable around children.  He was recently separated from a bonded litter mate, and would prefer a home with another playful dog as a companion.  He is a healthy, active young Dalmatian, and […]


13th September 2016 by admin Comments Off on Chyna

Chyna is returning to rescue 6 years after being adopted, due to the death of her adopter.  She was very bonded to him, and is confused about why she is now living with strangers.  She is very sweet and willing to let us comfort her with lots of pets and belly rubs.  She hasn’t felt […]


4th June 2016 by admin Comments Off on Ichiro

Ichiro is a beautiful, but troubled young male.  He has a history of biting family members, and injuring small dogs in his home.   He can be resource protective, and reactive to the point where he can’t safely be handled.  However, under the right conditions, he can relax a bit, and become a charming companion.   The […]