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9th September 2010 by Administrator Comments Off on Reno

Update September 16, 2010: Reno was sent to the Family Dogs New Life shelter in Portland. Check their web site to see if he is still available. This handsome young fellow is Reno. He is a neutered male Dalmatian who was rescued from an eastern Washington shelter. We don’t know anything about his background, but […]


25th July 2010 by admin Comments Off on Nate

Nate is a very handsome 7 year old male from Los Angeles. The vet thinks he may have been hit by a car, and that he is suffering from a pinched nerve. His back right leg is stiff and weak. He falls occasionally, but can pull himself up. He gets around OK, and can go […]


2nd July 2010 by Administrator Comments Off on Mattie

Mattieis one of 4 Dalmatians rescued from LA area shelters in a cooperative effort with Dalmatian Rescue of Southern California and Save a Spot Dalmatian Rescue in Turlock, California. She was out of time, and if we had not helped her get out of the shelter, she would not be alive today. Mattie was diagnosed […]


10th June 2010 by Administrator Comments Off on Brandy

Update June 16, 2010 Allie’s family has decided to keep her. This pretty face belongs to Brandy, a 10 year old, spayed female Dalmatian. Brandy’s family is expecting a baby. They do not feel they will be able to give Brandy the care and attention she needs once the baby arrives. Brandy is not a […]

Perro — adopted

6th May 2010 by Administrator Comments Off on Perro — adopted

Update May 18, 2010: We learned this morning that Perro found a home. Perro is a 3-4 year old Dal-mix male. When we looked into his sweet face, we couldn’t let his short life end without giving him a chance to live happily with a family that would treasure him. We know that family is […]

Dal — rescued

6th May 2010 by Administrator Comments Off on Dal — rescued

Update 5/8/2010 Dal was taken by another rescue organization. She is on her way to western Washington. Watch for Dal on Update 5/6/2010 Dal was adopted from the Grant County Shelter in January, but has now been returned. She is a good dog, but she keeps ending up in bad situations. Grant County has […]

Jasmine — adopted

24th March 2010 by Administrator Comments Off on Jasmine — adopted

When I first head about Jasmine, she was at a shelter in Los Angeles. The rescues in LA are so full, they couldn’t help this poor little senior, so a lady in Santa Monica began contacting rescues all over, asking for help. The day I got the e-mail, she was pulled by Dogwood Rescue in […]


16th February 2010 by Administrator Comments Off on Lou

Lou is a 5 year old male, with movie star good looks. He is an active guy, who maintains his physique with daily one mile walks when it isn’t raining, or 30 minute jogs on the treadmill when it is. He will need at least this much exercise in his new home, but may benefit […]


22nd January 2010 by admin Comments Off on Murphy

Murphy is lucky to be alive. He was hit by a car and left for dead. Fortunately, someone found him and got him to a vet. They were unable to save his back leg, but Murphy isn’t letting that get in his way. He is still a young guy, between 2 and 3 years old. […]


4th January 2010 by Administrator Comments Off on Flynn

Update 01/20/2010: Flynn has a temporary home until he leaves for Ireland. We wish him a happy transition and safe passage. Update 01/16/2010: Flynn will be going to Ireland after all, but he needs to wait 6 months in order to have the necessary immunizations. His owner is looking for a foster home where he […]