Chyna — adopted

Posted by admin - 13/09/16 at 11:09 am

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Chyna is returning to rescue 6 years after being adopted, due to the death of her adopter.  She was very bonded to him, and is confused about why she is now living with strangers.  She is very sweet and willing to let us comfort her with lots of pets and belly rubs.  She hasn’t felt much like eating, but she can afford to miss a meal or two.  Chyna lost the sight in one eye due to glaucoma.  She is currently on antibiotics for a cough.  Chyna is spayed, and current on her vaccinations.  Other than blindness and the cough, she is in good health.

If you are interested in helping Chyna, please fill out our foster inquiry form.    You will have the option of adopting her, but we want to give her a little time before we make a permanent commitment.

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