Posted by admin - 28/04/14 at 08:04 pm

Update July 23, 2014:  Dixie passed away before we could find a place for her, but she left this life knowing she was loved by her foster, and not understanding the difference between a foster and a permanent home.

Dixie is a beautiful 9 year old, spayed female Dalmatian.  She has suffered from epileptic seizures her entire life, and has one about every 2 weeks under normal circumstances.  In stressful situations, like moving to a new home, she could have them daily until she adapts.  Dixie is on medication, and she isn’t having a seizure, or recovering from one, she is a happy, active girl.  She is not ready for a retirement home.  She wants to go places, do things and be a companion.

Dixie came to rescue because her family didn’t feel that they were able to continue caring for her, and also didn’t think anyone would want her, so they took her to be euthanized.  Fortunately, she had a guardian angel at the veterinarian’s office who offered to take her home and help her find a permanent home.  Making the change will be hard on Dixie, so we want to be sure her next move is her last.  A home in western Washington, with experience in caring for a dog with special health concerns is desired.


Dixie is highly social with dogs, cats and people.  She takes medication for her seizures, and also for incontinence.  They cost $30-40 per month, and the rescue can provide them, if necessary.  If you are interested in caring for Dixie, please fill our our foster inquiry form.

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