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Update January 5, 2011

Dutch has enjoyed his first real indoor Christmas, complete with turkey and gravy and his own box of chewy treats from Santa. However, the word from the vet is not as good as we had hoped. Dutch will need another round of heartworm injections. The vet’s estimate is somewhere between $579.72 and $936.72. His foster family doesn’t have that much money, and neither does the rescue.  If you would like to donate toward his care, please use this link.

Dutch is another California dog. He is a sweet 4 year old male who was being given away on a pizza parlor bulletin board, as if he were a garage sale item. The owner was planning to put him down if a home couldn’t be found. A nice woman asked if we could take him to rescue, but when she found out how overwhelmed the rescues are, she agreed to foster him in her home. He quickly stole her heart with his gentle ways and big brown eyes. He then broke her heart when the vet announced he was heart worm positive.


Thanks to the generous support of the people who donated to help Dutch, he started treatment on Friday, September 10. We raised enough to pay for his treatment for the rest of year and into 2011. We will share updates on his progress as they become available.

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