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Foster homes are the very heart of a rescue organization. We can only take the dogs out of life threatening situations if we have a safe place to send them. Foster families are equal parts inn keeper, nurse, nutritionist, behaviorist, therapist and trainer. They take in dogs that are wounded in spirit and in health, and help them cope and move on. They teach them skills that will improve their chances of succeeding in their new homes. They evaluate their behavior, and determine whether they can live with other dogs, cats, children, etc. They also interview potential adopters, looking for just the right match. When funds are available, we assist with the cost of any needed veterinary care. Foster parents assume all financial responsibility for the dog while it is in their care.

If you are interested in being a Dalmatian Rescue of Puget Sound foster home, this is the process:

  1. First, you fill out the foster inquiry form on this page.
  2. We will contact you for a brief interview.
  3. We check your references and arrange a home visit.
  4. You sign a foster care agreement.
  5. We contact you when we have a Dalmatian in need of a foster home.
  • Dog preferences

  • If you are interested in a specific dog, enter the name here
  • Specify a gender preference if you have one
  • Tell us about your household

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