Gilligan — adopted

Posted by admin - 20/05/15 at 07:05 pm

Hi, my name is Gilligan. I am about 5 or 6 months old. I came from a place called Delano. I was lost for a while, before a nice animal control officer found me and took me to the shelter. I was there for a while. Then one day I went for a really long car ride. Now I’m living with a really nice family in Oregon. They have other dogs that don’t like me very much, but I don’t mind because they have a little boy and he is my best friend in the world. I like dogs, and having them to play with is nice, but nothing is better than having a kid to love you.

2015-04-14 14.54.49

My ears are cute and spotty, but they don’t hear very much, except for high pitched noises.  When I’m awake, I make up for it by keeping an eye on my people, so they can let me know what I should do.  I am a very sound sleeper.

2015-04-24 16.08.01

I like to play with toys, and sometimes I don’t feel like sharing them with another dog, so I growl.  If they still bother me, we play fight.  I like to play with other dogs, but I like people a lot better.  I have also lived with cats.  I think they are kind of mean, and cranky, and don’t know how to play and have fun.

2015-04-25 10.46.43

I love to be in the house.  I am calm, and have nice manners.  I also try hard to remember to go outside when I need to go potty.

2015-04-24 16.52.56

2015-04-24 16.53.40

This was the day I learned how to jump up on furniture.  I was really proud, so I did it over, and over.

I would really love another home with kids who will throw the ball and have adventures in the yard with me.  I have all my shots, and also had the neuter surgery.  I am currently near Eugene, Oregon. If you think I could be your little buddy, please fill out the adoption inquiry form, and the rescue people will call you.

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