Hope and Faith — adopted

Posted by Administrator - 19/07/10 at 10:07 pm

Update July 25, 2010 Hope and Faith are doing very well in their foster home, and responding to medical treatment. Their cough is clearing up, and Hope’s skin is showing signs of improvement. They have learned how to climb the stairs, and are now running up and down them, and chasing each other around the back yard. This is the miracle of rescue. Sad, withdrawn dogs that are waiting to die, suddenly become happy, playful dogs that are ready to live. Thank you to everyone who makes the miracle happen by fostering, transporting and donating. There are more dogs like Hope and Faith, waiting for their miracle.


A pair of female Dalmatians were found as strays in Kern County, California, a location known for a huge pet overpopulation problem. At age 6 & 7, and being in less than perfect condition, they had little chance of being adopted. Since Dalmatians in need of rescue have hit the crisis phase in California, there was little chance for these two.

Hope and Faith

Thanks to the efforts of many wonderful people, we were able to get them out of the shelter and transported to Oregon. While much of the rescue fell into place in a manner that was almost miraculous, there was one very stressful bump in the road. I had been thinking about names for them, but when the rescue went into crisis mode, I came up with the names Hope and Faith, because they are the foundation of rescue.

Hope and Faith
Hope and Faith are in a temporary foster home until I can drive down to get them. When they arrive in Washington, they will need significant veterinary care, as they are both coughing, and Hope has significant skin problems. I have faith that they will make a full recovery, and hope that they will live a long and happy life here in the Northwest.

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