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Ichiro is a beautiful, but troubled young male.  He has a history of biting family members, and injuring small dogs in his home.   He can be resource protective, and reactive to the point where he can’t safely be handled.  However, under the right conditions, he can relax a bit, and become a charming companion.   The progress he has made in the last few weeks is encouraging, but, we think he will always require special handling.  In order to keep him calm and in control of his behavior, he needs a very structured life, including space where he can spend time alone.
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Because of his level of anxiety, and his history of hurting small dogs, we have not introduced him to other dogs.  He might be OK for supervised interaction with an extremely well balanced dog that is his size, or larger.   He spends time in proximity to other dogs, and occasionally shows a desire to interact.   He would not be safe around cats, smaller dogs, chickens, or children.

Ichiro has trouble trusting and respecting people.  He also has limited tolerance for having people in his space.  He is more tolerant outside, than indoors.  He is very bright, and responds well to many commands.  He enjoys activities that are mentally stimulating.  Because he is resource protective of toys, we play fetch the stick.  I keep a supply of sticks, because I do not trust that he won’t decide to guard the stick he is playing with.    We also play fetch the treat, where I throw a treat into the bushes, and he has to hunt for it.  He enjoys walks, and has improved his leash behavior, but still needs a lot of work in that area.

Ichiro has the potential to be a wonderful companion for the right person.   The right person will have a history of working with challenging dogs, and a calm, but authoritative demeanor.   We are not offering him for adoption at this time, but we are looking for a person who will work with him, and with us, with a long term goal of adopting him when we all agree he is ready.   If you think you could be the right person, and you live in Snohomish, Skagit or King County, please use our adoption inquiry form to initiate contact.

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