Joey — adopted

Posted by admin - 23/10/12 at 07:10 am

Joey is a sweet, but shy Dalmatian mix boy.  He has been through a few homes, and not all have treated him well.  This hasn’t changed his sunny disposition, but he is timid in strange situations, and when meeting new people.  He copes with the stress by seeking a safe place, like a corner, or under a table.  Joey is very social with other dogs and would adore having a friend to play with.  There is a cat in Joey’s foster home, but he seems more interested in her food bowl than in the cat.

Joey has a curve in one of his front legs.  X-Rays didn’t show any evidence of a healed break, so it may be congenital.  We are planning to have him evaluated by an orthopedist.  He is available to meet potential adopters.  Joey si neutered, and has his Rabies immunization.  If you live in the Puget Sound area, and would like to meet Joey, please fill out our adoption inquiry form.

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