Julia — Hospice

Posted by admin - 28/03/12 at 10:03 pm

Julia is a 13 year old, spayed, liver female Dalmatian.  She spent 5 years living in a garage in California, where she spent her days and nights alone, and was unable to go outside.  Neighbors contacted local rescue groups, who contacted us.  One of our wonderful volunteers drove down to get her.  She was happy to be out of the garage, but she didn’t feel well, and her appetite was poor.  Blood tests showed high kidney values.  She is on medication, and also receiving subcutaneous fluids. Repeat blood tests show modest improvement in the kidney values.   Her energy level is much better, but her appetite comes and goes.  We don’t know if Julia will recover enough to be adopted, or if she will need to remain in the care of the rescue.   Use this link if you would like to contribute to her veterinary care.


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