Posted by admin - 11/12/11 at 12:12 am

Junior is a very sweet boy, with a broken heart. He came to us from a shelter in Yakima, where he had been found as a stray.  In the beginning he was inconsolable, and appeared to be trying to find his way home.   At first he only wanted to be with that special someone he was missing, but now he is happy as long as he is with someone, and as close as possible.  He will sit with his  head on your knee, or snuggle if invited onto the furniture.  He is very gentle, but also enjoys going for long walks, and might even make a good jogging companion.  We think he would also do well keeping up with a wheelchair or scooter. Junior is very comfortable meeting other dogs while out and about, but not terribly interested in socializing with them.  He is more interested in people.

Junior is 5-7 years old. He was recently neutered and is current on his vaccinations. He is in good health, and will sit on command. His ideal home will have someone most of the time, as Junior lives to be with people.

Junior is currently in Portland, Oregon.  If you would like to meet Junior, please fill out our adoption inquiryan form.

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