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When Ladybug’s family surrendered her to the shelter, she was 8 years old, and tipped the scales at 135 pounds.  She could barely move, but she impressed the shelter staff with her gentle good nature.  They knew  it would be hard for Ladybug to lose the weight in the shelter environment, so they began asking rescue organizations to help.  Ladybug has been blessed with a lot of caring people.

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She went to a foster home in the country.  At first she could barely waddle across the front yard, but soon she was trotting all over the property, keeping an eye on the little goats whom she adored.  Ladybug has a thyroid condition.  Getting her on the right medication helped the pounds melt away.  Ladybug lost over 60 pounds and now weighs about 72 pounds.  In addition to thyroid medication, Ladybug also has an eye condition that is treated with a daily dose of prescription eye drops for chronic dry eyes.  She has also recently been diagnosed with inflammatory disease of the liver, which is managed with steroids.  It is not curable, but since it was detected early and is being treated, she could easily live another 5 years, which is pretty close to the normal life expectancy for a Dalmatian.

Ladybug is great with dogs, farm animals and people of all ages. She has been fine with cats in some situations, but there were others where she wanted to give chase. She is about 9 years old.  She is spayed and current on her vaccinations.

Ladybug is currently in a foster home in Salem, Oregon. She has been waiting for a forever home since June, 2014. If you can provide Ladybug with the love and care she needs, please fill out our adoption inquiry form.

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