Little Miss Utah

Posted by admin - 04/06/11 at 07:06 pm

Update June 9, 2010: We regret to report that during a routine exam, a huge, inoperable mass was found in Miss Utah’s abdomen. She has little time left, but she will spend it in her foster home.

Little Miss Utah has been going by the name Spot since she was found wandering near the highway 5 years ago. She spent the last 5 years with an elderly gentleman. She came to rescue after he passed away.

The transition has been stressful, but she is warming up to her foster family. Little Miss Utah was not a house dog, so she is still learning the rules about where to go to the bathroom. She is sharing her foster home with another dog, but has taken over the bed and does not allow the larger dog anywhere near it. She would probably be best as an only dog.

Her age is estimated to be around 6 or 7. She is a very tiny girl, weighing less than 30 pounds.

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