Posted by admin - 20/09/11 at 11:09 pm

Update 9/26/2001:  According to Lucky’s owner, he developed a back problem late last week.  The x-ray showed disk problems, so they opted to have him euthanized.

This handsome face belongs to Lucky.  Life has been good to Lucky for 14 years, but his family has had to move somewhere that Lucky can’t go.  We are urgently seeking a foster or adoptive home for him.  Lucky’s vet says he has a few good years left, and we want him to enjoy them.   Lucky gets along with kids, cats and other dogs.  He had surgery for a torn ACL a few years ago, and he has had difficulty with stairs since then.  A home without too many would be best.   Do you have an older dog that needs a companion, or perhaps a small dog that needs someone to keep it warm this winter?  Lucky is currently in North Bend, but he needs to get out of his current home as soon as possible.  If you would like to foster Lucky, please fill out the foster inquiry form.

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