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Sweet Maggie left us in November, after a sudden onset of kidney failure. Her time in her new home was short, but she was very much loved while she was there.


Maggie is an adorable little pixie. She is one of 4 Dalmatians rescued from LA area shelters in a cooperative effort with Dalmatian Rescue of Southern California and Save a Spot Dalmatian Rescue in Turlock, California. She was out of time, and if we had not helped her get out of the shelter, she would not be alive today.


Maggie is 12 years old, and time has not been kind to her. She is very arthritic, and at times she limps so badly that she walks sideways. We are giving her NSAIDs and pain medication, and lots of love. Don’t feel too sorry for Maggie. This little lady does not feel sorry for herself. She keeps going, and is a sweet loving girl. It is rare for Maggie to have a moment to herself. The other dogs love her so much, they are always crawling into bed with her.

Maggie & Dolly

Maggie has a growth on one of her back legs that we need to have biopsied. She has an adoption pending, but is still living in her foster home.


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