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Mattieis one of 4 Dalmatians rescued from LA area shelters in a cooperative effort with Dalmatian Rescue of Southern California and Save a Spot Dalmatian Rescue in Turlock, California. She was out of time, and if we had not helped her get out of the shelter, she would not be alive today.


Mattie was diagnosed with a fractured pelvis at the shelter, but was left in an outdoor kennel on a concrete pad, without so much as a blanket to lay on. Because of the injury, and a mammary mass, she was not put out with the adoptable animals, so she had no chance except for rescue.


Our vet examined the x-ray provided by the shelter, and found no sign of a fracture. She took additional x-rays, and still found no indication of bone damage. She suspects an ACL tear. We are giving her NSAIDs and pain medication, and trying to keep her comfortable. She will get a second opinion from her foster family’s vet next week.

Mattie napping

In addition to being very beautiful, Mattie is also incredibly sweet and well behaved. To meet her is to fall in love with her, which makes it all the more confusing how such a wonderful girl could have ended up in that situation.

Mattie is in a foster home, in the foster to adopt program. This means her family will most likely adopt her once we have resolved her most serious medical issues. Mattie is very happy in her new home, and enjoys spending time with her new family. She is living a fairy tale, but the scary part is over, and the happily ever after has begun.

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