Miss Cleo Brown

Posted by admin - 07/02/13 at 06:02 pm

Miss Cleo Brown is the oldest of three liver Dalmatians that came to rescue after the death of their owner.  Her actual age isn’t known, because she was originally found wandering along the road with “HELP ME” written on her forehead.  Veterinary records estimate her birth year as 1998, making her around 15 years old.  In better times, Cleo weighed 56 pounds.  At the end of January she weighed 34 pounds, but her appetite is good, and she is starting to gain a little weight.

Update 3/3/13

Miss Cleo Brown has now been in her foster home for 4 weeks.  She has gained more than 10 pounds, and recovered from a bladder infection.  She is very arthritic in her spine and rear legs, but she is surprisingly active in spite of it.  She is a lovely, gentle girl who loves to spend the evening curled up on a warm lap.

Because of her age and delicate condition, Cleo will remain in the care of Dalmatian Rescue of Puget Sound, under our Sanctuary program.   The Sanctuary program allows us to provide needed veterinary care for seniors living in long term foster homes.  If you would be interested in providing sanctuary care for a senior in need, please fill out our foster inquiry form.

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