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When Ladybug’s family surrendered her to the shelter, she was 8 years old, and tipped the scales at 135 pounds.  She could barely move, but she impressed the shelter staff with her gentle good nature.  They knew  it would be hard for Ladybug to lose the weight in the shelter environment, so they began asking rescue organizations to help.  Ladybug has been blessed with a lot of caring people.

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She went to a foster home in the country.  At first she could barely waddle across the front yard, but soon she was trotting all over the property, keeping an eye on the little goats whom she adored.  Ladybug has a thyroid condition.  Getting her on the right medication helped the pounds melt away.  Ladybug lost over 60 pounds and now weighs about 72 pounds.  In addition to thyroid medication, Ladybug also has an eye condition that is treated with a daily dose of prescription eye drops for chronic dry eyes.  She has also recently been diagnosed with inflammatory disease of the liver, which is managed with steroids.  It is not curable, but since it was detected early and is being treated, she could easily live another 5 years, which is pretty close to the normal life expectancy for a Dalmatian.

Ladybug is great with dogs, farm animals and people of all ages. She has been fine with cats in some situations, but there were others where she wanted to give chase. She is about 9 years old.  She is spayed and current on her vaccinations.

Ladybug is currently in a foster home in Salem, Oregon. She has been waiting for a forever home since June, 2014. If you can provide Ladybug with the love and care she needs, please fill out our adoption inquiry form.

Jasmine — adopted

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Jasmine is a very sweet senior lady.  She came to us in pretty poor shape.  The shelter thought she was a hospice case.  A trip to the vet showed no major issues.  She is deaf, most likely from chronic, untreated ear infections.  She has gained some weight and her coat is looking lovely.  We think she could easily have 4 or 5 good years left.

Jasmine is crate trained, but will try to run and hide if she thinks she is going to be put in the crate.  Once she is there, she is fine, and when you come home, she will probably be napping peacefully.  She loves tennis balls, but doesn’t chase them.  She just likes to carry them around.  She gets along well with the other dogs in her foster  home.

If you are looking for a calm, quiet, charming companion, Jasmine could be the one.  She is spayed, current on her vaccinations, and waiting for you in Salem, Oregon.  To meet her, please fill out our adoption inquiry form.

Maggie — adopted

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This precious little lady is Maggie. She was found filthy, and in need of veterinary care.  We don’t know her age, but she is definitely a senior.  She has stiffness in her shoulders that keeps her going at a slower pace, but she is still going.
Maggie is calm and quiet.  She gets along well with cats, dogs and people.  She is a happy girl whose tail never stops wagging.   She is spayed, current on her shots, and has had several lumps removed.  Her stitches are out, and she is ready for her forever home.  She is currently with a foster in Lodi, California, but we can arrange to transport her to Washington or Oregon.  If you are interested in giving Maggie the loving home she deserves for the rest of her life, please fill out our adoption inquiry form.

Jay — adopted

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Jay is a sweet, gentle, somewhat timid 4 year old Dalmatian.  He came to rescue very underweight, after 2 years of digestive problems.  His family surrendered him so we could get him the veterinary care he needed.  At first our vet suspected an obstruction, but the barium series showed nothing.  Jay has regained the lost weight, and is doing well, but, we still don’t know what caused the original problem.   We also don’t know if it will come back.  We are seeking a home for Jay, in the Puget Sound area, so he can continue to be treated by our vet, if needed.

Jay is social with other dogs, but can be a bit timid during the first meeting.  He has lived with cats, but since coming to rescue, he has shown a lot of interest in chasing them.  We don’t know that he would hurt one if he caught it, but, we do not recommend him for homes with cats.

Jay is timid with adults, and will sometimes panic or cower.  He adores children, and seems much more at ease around them.  We think it would be in his best interest to go to a home with children who will be kind to him.  Jay spent the last few years living in the country.  He did well at a foster home in the suburbs, with other Dalmatians and a large back yard to play in.   He becomes visibly distressed in the city, where strangers are walking around, and cars and buses are roaring by.

In short, we are looking for a home in the country or the suburbs, where Jay will have room to run.  A home with children and other dogs would be ideal.   If you live in the area, and are looking for a great family dog, please fill out our adoption inquiry form.

Niah — adopted

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Niah is a petite, 9 year old Dalmatian lady. She loves to sit on laps, and at only 42 pounds, she gets away with it better than most Dalmatians. She is still very spry, and enjoys going for walks, and playing with toys. Like many Dalmatians, Niah is reserved when meeting new people, but if you ignore her for a minute, she will become curious about you.

Niah’s beloved person died last year. Since then she has been in the care of family members, but they realize they can’t give Niah the attention a Dalmatian craves. Niah gets along with some, but not all dogs, after a slow and careful introduction. Her family is hoping she will find a home where she can be the only dog. Niah likes children, but can get excited and jump. This may be an issue with very small children. We do not know how she would react to cats.

Niah is spayed, and current on her vaccinations. She is a very sweet girl, and will make a lovely companion for an experienced Dalmatian owner. Niah’s family wishes to meet any potential adopters, so the initial meeting will be in Renton, Washington. A home visit will also be required. Homes in the Puget Sound area are preferred.

To meet Niah, please fill out our adoption inquiry form.

Mama — adopted

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Mama was found as a stray in California. She ended up in a kill shelter, but they felt she was a nice girl, and gave her extra time, so she could be rescued. Her journey from the shelter to her foster home in Oregon took a few weeks. When she arrived, her abdomen was suspiciously swollen. We soon realized she was expecting puppies, but we were still shocked when she delivered 13 of them. The puppies were transferred to The NOAH Center for placement, and now it is Mama’s turn to find a home.

Mama is young, maybe 1 -2 years old. She is petite, weighing about 40 pounds. She is social with people and dogs, and has been around cats. She is needy, and would spend all of her time in your lap, if allowed. She is working on crate training. She is energetic when playing, but fairly calm in the house.

Mama has been spayed, and is current on her vaccinations. She is currently in Salem, Oregon. If you would like to meet Mama, please fill out our adoption inquiry form.


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Update July 23, 2014:  Dixie passed away before we could find a place for her, but she left this life knowing she was loved by her foster, and not understanding the difference between a foster and a permanent home.

Dixie is a beautiful 9 year old, spayed female Dalmatian.  She has suffered from epileptic seizures her entire life, and has one about every 2 weeks under normal circumstances.  In stressful situations, like moving to a new home, she could have them daily until she adapts.  Dixie is on medication, and she isn’t having a seizure, or recovering from one, she is a happy, active girl.  She is not ready for a retirement home.  She wants to go places, do things and be a companion.

Dixie came to rescue because her family didn’t feel that they were able to continue caring for her, and also didn’t think anyone would want her, so they took her to be euthanized.  Fortunately, she had a guardian angel at the veterinarian’s office who offered to take her home and help her find a permanent home.  Making the change will be hard on Dixie, so we want to be sure her next move is her last.  A home in western Washington, with experience in caring for a dog with special health concerns is desired.


Dixie is highly social with dogs, cats and people.  She takes medication for her seizures, and also for incontinence.  They cost $30-40 per month, and the rescue can provide them, if necessary.  If you are interested in caring for Dixie, please fill our our foster inquiry form.

Billy — adopted

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This handsome stranger is Billy.  He came to us from Montana, and seems to feel quite at home in Puget Sound.  He seems to be the kind of guy who is OK, wherever he goes.  He can be a bit growly and possessive at times, but he gets along well with all of the dogs he has met since he arrived.  He met the cat a couple times, and was OK with him, too, but we hear he was not so nice to the cat he met while in Montana.

We wish that Billy could talk, because we think he has some really interesting stories to tell.  We would love to know where he got the scars on his paws.  We suspect he got caught in a trap.  We would also like to know about the scar on his leg, and how old he is.  His eyes are still clear, but he is a bit stiff and arthritic.  We are guessing his age to be 7, because we don’t think he is any younger, but also not a lot older.

Billy is a charmer, and a snuggler.  If you are home, he will want to be by your side, or in your lap.  If you aren’t home, he will be just fine until you return.  Billy arrived with a bloody tail that he continued to wag into every imaginable surface.  The house looks like a crime scene, and the bone is exposed.  Our vet says the tail must be docked.  That will happen soon.  Once he recovers, he will be ready for a permanent home.

Billy is currently in Lake Stevens, Washington. If you would like to meet him, please fill out our adoption inquiry form.

Brownie — adopted

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This sweet face belongs to Brownie, a young Dalmatian who came to rescue in desperate need of surgery.  Although a young boy of only one year, he was already fully blocked with stones. With a lot of help from our wonderful donors, and a fabulous foster, Brownie got the surgery he needed.  His recovery was a bit slow, but he is finally feeling well enough to go to a forever home.  He is going to need a special diet, and medication for the rest of his life.  Because Brownie will have to be monitored very closely for future blockage, we are seeking a home that is experienced with stone formers, and their needs.

Brownie is a very sweet, timid, gentle fellow.  He loves children and other dogs.

Dutch — adopted

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Dutch is a 4.5 year old male Dalmatian whose elderly owner passed away in January.  Since then, he has been spending part of his time home alone, and part at the home of a neighbor.   He is a happy fellow who hasn’t had much leash training.  He is friendly with dogs and people.  We do not know how he feels about cats.

Dutch is neutered and current on his vaccinations.  We are trying to obtain a copy of his records.  Dutch is currently in Richland, Washington.  If you would like to meet Dutch, please fill out our adoption inquiry form.