Pinkie & Brownie

Posted by admin - 14/10/13 at 09:10 pm

Pinkie and Brownie met in the quarantine kennel at the McFarland Animal Shelter. They both were suffering from Demodex mange, which isn’t communicable, but their immune systems were too fragile for immunizations, so they were kept in quarantine to protect them from the disease carried by the other dogs. Demodex is a really itchy, painful, miserable condition, but there she was dancing for joy because a volunteer came to see her.

When I saw her joy in such difficult circumstances, I knew we needed to help her.

We were fortunate to find a foster, and then doubly blessed when the foster said that Pinkie’s friend Brownie should come, too. Thanks to some really wonderful people who were able to arrange their rescue, they were able to fly up on a Wings of Rescue flight. You can see photos of their arrival here.

Brownie recovered from mange very quickly, and his coat came back as if it had never happened. Pinkie had a much more severe case.  .  Her coat is coming in slowly, but she has a lot of scarring that will prevent it from coming all the way back. She is a darling little bundle of fun, even without fur. Pinkie and Brownie have been through a lot together, and we would very much like to find a home where they can remain together. They are somewhere between two and three years old. They have been spayed/neutered and are current on vaccinations. They have been in a foster home in Lakewood, Washington since July, 2013. You can follow them on Facebook at  If you are interested in Pinkie & Brownie, please fill out our adoption inquiry form.

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