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July 26, 2010 About 2 weeks ago, Princess started losing interest in food. At first I thought it was depression, as her appetite for treats, and anything that was fed by hand was excellent. I accommodated her, but after a week, things got worse. An abdominal X-ray revealed a huge mass that was pressing on her intestines, and disrupting their function. She quickly became weak, and at 14 was not a candidate for surgery. Although it broke my heart to let her go so quickly, she let us know she was ready. She knew she was loved, and she returned that love tenfold.

Princess was a special girl in many ways. She a well behaved girl, and a joy to be around. She also helped save many more California Dalmatians, as her story touched many people, and helped us make contacts that would make it possible for us to transport them. That is a pretty amazing legacy for a quiet girl of 14.


Update July 8, 2010 Princess is a wonderful girl, but she has decided she does not want other dogs in her view. We’ve worked with her, but she is becoming increasingly aggressive toward the other dogs. She currently occupies a private suite in our laundry room. She doesn’t seem to mind, but we have to be very careful when escorting her in and out. As much as we love her, and would like to foster her for the rest of her life, we think she would be happier in a home without other dogs. We don’t wish to spay her at her age, so she isn’t eligible for adoption. We would like to find a permanent foster home for her, preferrably one where she can enjoy all the love and attention she should have received her whole life. If you would like to give Princess the loving home she deserves, please fill out our foster inquiry form.

Update June 22, 2010 Princess is here! Thank you to everyone who donated. We raised just enough to cover her airfare. Thank you also to the many people who have wished her well. She is a very sweet girl, and deserving of a happy retirement.

Princess is tired from her journey

Princess is in pretty good shape for her age, but she definitely appears to be an old girl. She moves better than Bongo, but she fell each time she stepped off a curb. We think she may not see very well. After exploring the neighborhood a bit, she came in and enjoyed a little snack, then a nap.

She has already tested both of the downstairs beds, and since there were no peas, she was able to sleep like a Princess should.

Princess - June 22

Princess is a 14 year old Dalmatian who was recently surrendered to a shelter in southern California by her owners. To their shock and dismay, the shelter workers discovered that Princess was lactating, and that she had recently given birth. How anyone could allow a 14 year old to have puppies, and then dump her in a shelter is beyond comprehension for me. We are working with other rescue groups to get Princess out of the shelter, and bring her to Seattle, where she can spend the rest of her life being spoiled and loved.

If you would like to help Princess, donations are greatly appreciated.

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