Ralphie — adopted

Posted by admin - 01/08/11 at 04:08 pm

Ralphie is a sweet, gentle Dalmatian Lab mix fellow. His age is estimated to be around 9 or 10.  Ralphie was out of time in a kill shelter when he was rescued by Save a Spot Dalmatian rescue.    They made a good call in saving him, as he is a wonderful boy.  Sadly, he isn’t as glamorous as some of the pure Dalmatians, so after several months in rescue, he still hadn’t found a home.  We decided to bring him to Washington, so he could at least have a foster home.

Ralphie found the trip from Washington quite stressful.  He doesn’t care much for travel, but he settled into his foster home very quickly.  He was probably an outside dog in the past, but he has adapted to life in the house quite easily.  The one exception is that Ralphie does not understand about stairs.  The one time he tried to use them, he tumbled down.  He has not attempted to climb up.  He also doesn’t try to get on the furniture.  He is content on the floor.

Ralphie enjoys going for walks.  He trots a little, but he is not a runner.   He isn’t demanding, but he enjoys attention.  He is getting along with the dogs in his foster home, even though they haven’t been very friendly toward him.  He is respectful toward the cat.    He would be a great companion for another calm, friendly dog.

Because he enjoys having time outdoors, we think Ralphie would be happiest in a home with a fenced yard  that he can wander around.  He would be OK on an unfenced property if he were outside with supervision.

Ralphie is neutered and current on his immunizations.  If you would enjoy the company of a really nice dog, please send an adoption inquiry, so we can arrange a meeting.

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