Sparkie & Rockie — Adopted

Posted by admin - 04/12/13 at 08:12 pm

Sparkie and Rockie were sent to a boarding kennel when their owner became too sick to care for them.  The kennel continued to care for them after her death.  The staff has come to love them very much.  The stress of living in a boarding kennel/day care for months is taking its toll. Sparkie and Rockie urgently need a calm, quiet foster or adoptive home with a securely fenced yard, and regular human companionship .

Sparkie and Rockie are a bonded pair of litter mates, and must be placed together.  Rockie has been blind since birth, and Sparkie is his companion and guide.   They are 6 years old, neutered and current on their vaccinations.  They are medium sized dogs, weighing about 50 pounds.  They get along well with dogs, cats and people, and they know several commands including sit, and lay down.

If you would like to give this very special pair a forever home, please fill out our adoption inquiry form.

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