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Maggie — adopted

6th November 2014 by admin Comments Off on Maggie — adopted

This precious little lady is Maggie. She was found filthy, and in need of veterinary care.  We don’t know her age, but she is definitely a senior.  She has stiffness in her shoulders that keeps her going at a slower pace, but she is still going. Maggie is calm and quiet.  She gets along well […]

Pinkie & Brownie

14th October 2013 by admin Comments Off on Pinkie & Brownie

Pinkie and Brownie met in the quarantine kennel at the McFarland Animal Shelter. They both were suffering from Demodex mange, which isn’t communicable, but their immune systems were too fragile for immunizations, so they were kept in quarantine to protect them from the disease carried by the other dogs. Demodex is a really itchy, painful, […]


5th January 2011 by admin Comments Off on Dutch

Update January 5, 2011 Dutch has enjoyed his first real indoor Christmas, complete with turkey and gravy and his own box of chewy treats from Santa. However, the word from the vet is not as good as we had hoped. Dutch will need another round of heartworm injections. The vet’s estimate is somewhere between $579.72 […]


10th December 2010 by admin Comments Off on River

This sweet girl is River, a 6-7 year old, spayed female Dalmatian.  River was rescued from a shelter in San Diego.  We don’t know why her family didn’t look for her, as she is a lovely girl. Her foster mom reports:that River is: “truly one of the nicest dogs Ive ever met. She is already […]

Chief — adopted

18th November 2010 by admin Comments Off on Chief — adopted

Chief is a beautiful 10 year old neutered male Dalmatian. He is feeling festive because he was rescued from a shelter in California, and is now living in a foster home in Lakewood, WA. Chief is a very calm, quiet fellow. He isn’t needy, but he does love attention when it is offered. He is […]

Cocoa — adopted

12th October 2010 by admin Comments Off on Cocoa — adopted

Cocoa is a very sweet little girl who loves to play ball. She is about 8 years old, with beautiful, dark liver spots. Cocoa’s owner surrendered her to a high kill shelter in California, but we were able to save her with help from the Antelope Valley Dalmatian Rescue. Cocoa is very thin, and we […]


10th October 2010 by admin Comments Off on Alphie

Alphie is a 6 year old neutered, liver male Dalmatian. He was surrendered by his owner to a very high kill shelter. They said he was “arthritic”. Alphie was going to be euthanized the day he arrived, without being made available for adoption, but a shelter worker contacted Dalmatian Rescue of Southern California. They felt […]

Teddy — adopted

2nd September 2010 by Administrator Comments Off on Teddy — adopted

This beautiful smile belongs to Teddy, a 9 year old, neutered male Dalmatian. Teddy was surrendered by his owner to the East Valley shelter in Los Angeles, California. We don’t know why, but assume it was due to the ongoing economic problems. He is the most charming, loving dog you could ever hope to meet. […]

Charlie — adopted

27th August 2010 by Administrator Comments Off on Charlie — adopted

Update September 8, 2010 — Charlie found an adoptive home in the San Diego area. Charlie is a 6 year old, liver female. She was taken to a San Diego shelter as a stray. She is a tiny little thing, weighing only 30 pounds. She is suffering from malnutrition and flea dermatitis, but her foster […]

Elvis –adopted

26th August 2010 by Administrator Comments Off on Elvis –adopted

Elvis is another California dog looking for a forever home. He was rescued as a puppy, and has spent most of his life in foster homes. With dogs being surrendered in record numbers in California, the number of adoptions is also way down. The rescue that has Elvis has asked us to see if we […]