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Katie — adopted

19th January 2014 by admin Comments Off on Katie — adopted

This adorable young lady arrived with the name Kate, but she isn’t quite grown up enough to fit the name, so we call her Katie, or Katie Kat, or Katie the Cutie.  Katie is about 10 months old, and full of wiggles and silliness.  She has mastered house training, and will sit for a treat, […]

Farrah — adopted

2nd April 2013 by admin Comments Off on Farrah — adopted

Adorable Farrah is a Dalmatian mix.  We don’t know what the mix is, but it is very cute.  Farrah is 3-4 years old, and was very calm and quiet when she first came to rescue.  She is still pretty calm and quiet when left to her own device, but she is also having a great […]

Miss Cleo Brown

7th February 2013 by admin Comments Off on Miss Cleo Brown

Miss Cleo Brown is the oldest of three liver Dalmatians that came to rescue after the death of their owner.  Her actual age isn’t known, because she was originally found wandering along the road with “HELP ME” written on her forehead.  Veterinary records estimate her birth year as 1998, making her around 15 years old.  […]

Joey — adopted

23rd October 2012 by admin Comments Off on Joey — adopted

Joey is a sweet, but shy Dalmatian mix boy.  He has been through a few homes, and not all have treated him well.  This hasn’t changed his sunny disposition, but he is timid in strange situations, and when meeting new people.  He copes with the stress by seeking a safe place, like a corner, or […]

Romeo — adopted

17th February 2012 by admin Comments Off on Romeo — adopted

Romeo is such a great dog, we can’t imagine how he ended up in the drop box at an Idaho shelter.  He is house trained and knows several commands, including sit, down and shake.  He is playful and gets along well with dogs and cats. He is also great with kids.  Romeo is a Dalmatian/Lab […]


15th February 2012 by admin Comments Off on Woody

Woody is a charming, older fellow who was reportedly surrendered to OHS because he was too energetic.   It has also been reported to be an escape artist, but we haven’t observed that, either.  What he have seen is a sweet dog that loves the company of other dogs,  and needs someone to throw the ball […]


15th January 2012 by admin Comments Off on Chevy

Chevy was a lovely old fellow who lived happily in his sanctuary home for nearly 2 years, before passing away on October 17, 2013. Chevy is a lovely 11 year old, neutered male Dalmatian.  Like most senior Dalmatian gentleman, he is seeking a home where he can be a loyal companion and family member.  He […]


12th January 2012 by admin Comments Off on Ford

Ford is a lovely older gentleman who came to us from a local animal shelter.  He appears to have been well cared for, and we are surprised that he was not claimed.  He clearly misses his family, but can be consoled with lots of attention. Like most Dalmatians, he wants to be so close to […]

Henry — adopted

9th January 2012 by admin Comments Off on Henry — adopted

Henry is a sweet, liver male Dalmatian.  He was rescued from a local shelter.  We know his name is Henry, but we don’t know how old he is.  We believe he was once a well loved companion, but he has experienced hard times recently.  He is very thin, with some muscle atrophy, but there is […]

Abbey — adopted

12th December 2011 by admin Comments Off on Abbey — adopted

Abbey is a shy, 2 year old female Dalmatian. She spent most of her life in her crate, which is where she feels safe. She’s had a few homes in her short life, but she has adapted well to life in her foster home. She is happy to come out of her crate and be […]