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Abbey — adopted

12th December 2011 by admin Comments Off on Abbey — adopted

Abbey is a shy, 2 year old female Dalmatian. She spent most of her life in her crate, which is where she feels safe. She’s had a few homes in her short life, but she has adapted well to life in her foster home. She is happy to come out of her crate and be […]

Cole — adopted

29th August 2011 by admin Comments Off on Cole — adopted

Cole is a young, male Dalmatian mix.  He came to us from a shelter in eastern Washington.  He is a bit on the timid side, but he is very sweet and lovable.  He is housebroken, and knows some of the basic commands.  He does well with children, and also gets along well with other dogs.  […]

Ziggy — adopted

12th June 2011 by admin Comments Off on Ziggy — adopted

Ziggy is a 3 year old bundle of energy. He hasn’t had much training, or much attention so he is going to need a lot of work before he is easy to live with. He will need to go home with another playful dog, or where he will be a running or hiking companion. An […]

Little Man — adopted

30th March 2011 by admin Comments Off on Little Man — adopted

Little Man is a one year old male Dalmatian.  We aren’t sure if he is a mix, or just very patchy.  He came to us from a rescue in Oregon, where he was surrendered by his owner.  We don’t think he was very well cared for, since he was terribly thin, and quite fearful.  He […]


9th September 2010 by Administrator Comments Off on Reno

Update September 16, 2010: Reno was sent to the Family Dogs New Life shelter in Portland. Check their web site to see if he is still available. This handsome young fellow is Reno. He is a neutered male Dalmatian who was rescued from an eastern Washington shelter. We don’t know anything about his background, but […]

Elvis –adopted

26th August 2010 by Administrator Comments Off on Elvis –adopted

Elvis is another California dog looking for a forever home. He was rescued as a puppy, and has spent most of his life in foster homes. With dogs being surrendered in record numbers in California, the number of adoptions is also way down. The rescue that has Elvis has asked us to see if we […]

Ryder — adopted

11th August 2010 by Administrator Comments Off on Ryder — adopted

Update August 15, 2010 The foster home that we were planning for Ryder had to take a more urgent case, leaving Ryder without a place to go. If you would be willing to foster this handsome, energetic boy, please submit a foster inquiry. This gorgeous fellow is Ryder. He was rescued from a shelter in […]

Chloe — adopted

7th May 2010 by Administrator Comments Off on Chloe — adopted

Chloe is an 18 month old, spayed, female Dalmatian. She is quiet and reserved in new situations, but she can be loud and rowdy once she makes herself at home. She is adjusting well in her foster home, where she enjoys playing with other young dogs. Chloe is eager to please humans, and bonds easily. […]

Dal — rescued

6th May 2010 by Administrator Comments Off on Dal — rescued

Update 5/8/2010 Dal was taken by another rescue organization. She is on her way to western Washington. Watch for Dal on Update 5/6/2010 Dal was adopted from the Grant County Shelter in January, but has now been returned. She is a good dog, but she keeps ending up in bad situations. Grant County has […]

Nikki — adopted

17th January 2010 by Administrator Comments Off on Nikki — adopted

Update 01/24/2010: Nikki is in her new home on a race horse rescue ranch. She is adapting nicely. This beautiful girl is Nikki. She is a 3 year old, spayed female. Nikki gets along with the other dogs in her family, but she does not get along with any other dogs. She was recently involved […]