Thank you for visiting Dalmatian Rescue of Puget Sound. When we formed in 2009, we thought we might help 5 or 6 Dalmatians per year. We helped over 50 the first year, by helping owners find homes for Dalmatians they couldn’t keep, and by bringing them to Washington from California. Since then we have accepted Dalmatians from all over the western United States, and even from Okinawa and Mexico.

Much has changed since 2009. In the beginning, we mostly rescued older dogs with health problems. Now we mostly get younger dogs with health and/or behavior problems. We went through a period where there weren’t many Dalmatians needing rescue, so we started helping spotted dogs of undetermined lineage, from shelters with low adoption rates. We called them “Calmatians” because they came from shelters in California. We have helped many wonderful dogs move from life threatening situations to loving homes. We still help as many as we can, based on available foster homes.

When we first started, we shared photos and stories about our available dogs, and waited for someone to take an interest. Now, we rarely publicize Dalmatians, because people tend to fall in love with their beautiful faces. We fall in love with their beautiful faces, too. It is our mission to find homes that can meet their unique needs. We monitor our incoming adoption inquiries for homes that match the needs of a Dalmatian in our care. If you are a match, we will contact you and share information about the dog, including pictures. We do not have children or cats available for testing new arrivals. If you have children or cats, we will only contact you if we have enough information to believe the dog can safely be introduced.

If you are here to adopt a dog we listed online, or to be matched with a Dalmatian in need, please visit our Adoption page. If you are passionate about Dalmatians, and would like to help us by fostering, please visit our Foster page. If you have a Dalmatian in need of a new home, please visit our Rehome page.