Available Dalmatians

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We have new arrivals every few weeks.  We don’t share their pictures, because we aren’t interested in finding them homes based on their looks.  Most of the dogs come with requirements, such as no children, cats or other dogs.  If you are looking for a Dalmatian to adopt, please fill out our adoption inquiry form.  We will use the information to determine if you might be a match for one of the available dogs.   If not, we will save it for the future.

Chela — Adopted

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Chela is a 4 year old, spayed female Dalmatian.  She is a nervous girl, who has trouble trusting people and other dogs.  She will do best as an only pet, in a home with one or two people, and few visitors.  She needs a home where she will not be around children.

To arrange a meeting with Chela, please fill out our adoption inquiry form.  A volunteer will contact you to answer questions and make the arrangements.


Zeus — adopted

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Zeus celebrated his first birthday on March 31.  He was the perfect family pet, and very much loved.  However, life sometimes moves in unexpected directions, and to the sadness of all, Zeus is in need of a home where he won’t interact with small children.  He sits on command, and takes treats very gently.  His house manners are OK, but he will need a little work with keeping his paws down.  He is fully house trained.  He will need a lot of work with walking on a leash.

Zeus has the high energy level we expect from a Dalmatian his age.  Homes with Dalmatian experience are preferred, but, not required.  He has a lot of energy, so an exercise plan will be required.  Specifically, we are seeking a home that can get him out for long walks, hikes or maybe a run.  He is social, and will enjoy having another dog in the home, if it has a similar energy level and play style.   He would be OK with occasional visits to the dog park, but they will overstimulate him and should not be a regular occurrence.  An opportunity to participate in a focused activity like agility or flyball would be a much better way for him to exercise and socialize.

Zeus is a big boy, weighing in at 63 pounds.  He is neutered, current on vaccinations, and micro chipped.  He is currently in a foster home in Lake Stevens.  If you would like to meet Zeus, please fill out our adoption inquiry form.  A volunteer will call to make arrangements.

Baron — adopted

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Baron is a shy, 4 year old male Dalmatian.  He is very social and playful with other dogs, but timid around humans, and uncomfortable around children.  He was recently separated from a bonded litter mate, and would prefer a home with another playful dog as a companion.  He is a healthy, active young Dalmatian, and will require plenty of exercise.  He has been well behaved in his foster home.

Baron is currently in Yakima.  He is neutered, and current on his vaccinations.  If you would like to meet Baron, please fill out an adoption inquiry.  If you already have an inquiry on file, please email rescue@dalmatianrescueofpugetsound.org to ask about Baron.


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justin1 justin2justin3

Justin is a sweet, gentle boy.  He is a bit shy at first, and may bark at strangers when nervous.  Once he realizes you aren’t going to hurt him, he is full of love and tail wagging joy.  Justin is about 6 years old.  He is deaf, but seems to hear some high pitched noise.  He is friendly with friendly dogs, and does his best to ignore the not so friendly dogs.  We have not introduced him to cats.

Justin has the most adorable personality.  He is mischievous and will steal things and hide them.  His favorite game is to steal the dish towel while I’m looking, so I can chase him to get it back. Sometimes he steals toys from the other dogs and hides them in boxes in the garage.  He moved my shoes to another room and hid them under stolen towels.   He also grabs things and hides them in his crate when I’m not looking.  He occasionally chews up the things he takes to his crate, but most of the time he is just gentle and playful.  He will make a wonderful companion for someone who shares his sense of humor.

We are working on getting Justin to a healthier weight.  He lost 5 pounds after arriving, but has been holding steady since then.  He is neutered, microchipped, and current on his vaccinations.  He also had a recent dental cleaning.  He is in a foster home in Lake Stevens.  If you would like to meet him, please fill out our adoption inquiry form, and a volunteer will contact you to arrange a meeting.

Chyna — adopted

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chyna-7 chyna-3 chyna-6 chyba-pic1

Chyna is returning to rescue 6 years after being adopted, due to the death of her adopter.  She was very bonded to him, and is confused about why she is now living with strangers.  She is very sweet and willing to let us comfort her with lots of pets and belly rubs.  She hasn’t felt much like eating, but she can afford to miss a meal or two.  Chyna lost the sight in one eye due to glaucoma.  She is currently on antibiotics for a cough.  Chyna is spayed, and current on her vaccinations.  Other than blindness and the cough, she is in good health.

If you are interested in helping Chyna, please fill out our foster inquiry form.    You will have the option of adopting her, but we want to give her a little time before we make a permanent commitment.


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Sarge is an 8 year old male Dalmatian.  He a happy, friendly guy who loves to run.  He gets along well with female dogs, but does not do well with males.  He is good in the house, and knows how to use a dog door.

Sarge is currently in eastern Washington.  If you would like to meet Sarge, please fill out our adoption inquiry form.


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2016-06-10 18.44.14

Ichiro is a beautiful, but troubled young male.  He has a history of biting family members, and injuring small dogs in his home.   He can be resource protective, and reactive to the point where he can’t safely be handled.  However, under the right conditions, he can relax a bit, and become a charming companion.   The progress he has made in the last few weeks is encouraging, but, we think he will always require special handling.  In order to keep him calm and in control of his behavior, he needs a very structured life, including space where he can spend time alone.
2016-04-07 18.51.01

Because of his level of anxiety, and his history of hurting small dogs, we have not introduced him to other dogs.  He might be OK for supervised interaction with an extremely well balanced dog that is his size, or larger.   He spends time in proximity to other dogs, and occasionally shows a desire to interact.   He would not be safe around cats, smaller dogs, chickens, or children.

Ichiro has trouble trusting and respecting people.  He also has limited tolerance for having people in his space.  He is more tolerant outside, than indoors.  He is very bright, and responds well to many commands.  He enjoys activities that are mentally stimulating.  Because he is resource protective of toys, we play fetch the stick.  I keep a supply of sticks, because I do not trust that he won’t decide to guard the stick he is playing with.    We also play fetch the treat, where I throw a treat into the bushes, and he has to hunt for it.  He enjoys walks, and has improved his leash behavior, but still needs a lot of work in that area.

Ichiro has the potential to be a wonderful companion for the right person.   The right person will have a history of working with challenging dogs, and a calm, but authoritative demeanor.   We are not offering him for adoption at this time, but we are looking for a person who will work with him, and with us, with a long term goal of adopting him when we all agree he is ready.   If you think you could be the right person, and you live in Snohomish, Skagit or King County, please use our adoption inquiry form to initiate contact.

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2016-03-13 11.50.392016-03-13 11.39.282016-03-13 11.41.042016-03-13 11.46.34

Chance is an 1.5 to 2 year old male Dalmatian/shepherd mix.  He loves people, and like most Dalmatian types, just wants to be with them and getting attention.  When not with his people, Chance stays in his crate.  He enjoys pizza, so if you leave one on the counter, you might want to keep an eye on it, or him.

Chance was around cats and other dogs when he was younger, and got along well.  He has not been around other dogs, or cats in the last year, so he may be excited upon meeting them.  He adores children, but has too much energy and not enough self-restraint for smaller children.  He needs a home where his energy can be directed into an activity shared with his family.

Chance is neutered and current on his vaccinations.  He currently with a family in Snohomish.  If you would like to meet Chance, please fill out our adoption inquiry form, and a volunteer will contact you.

Wyatt — adopted

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Handsome Wyatt is a liver gentleman of 7.5 years.  Like most Dalmatians, he bonds to his people and wants to be with them as much as possible.  He is a good sport about waiting in his crate while they aren’t home, but it has reached the point where they are rarely home, and it isn’t likely to change.  They can’t change their busy life, so his family would like to help Wyatt find a home with someone who loves and understands Dalmatians, and is has time to share with him.




Wyatt gets along well with other dogs.  He thinks cats are fun to chase, but we don’t think he would hurt one.  He prefers a home without children.  Wyatt is in the greater Portland area.  He is neutered and current on his vaccinations.  If you are interested in meeting Wyatt, please fill out our adoption inquiry form.